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Chef Cook

personal CHef / Cooking Class / Consulting

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Personal Chef

Chez vous, dans une villa ou en bateau... À partir de 6 convives,

Les tarifs comprennent le service et le pain que je façonne, je propose aussi l'accord mets et vins à réaliser ensemble,

pour un moment convivial et raffiné.

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Market's Menu

5 services per guest

2 Entrees - 2 Main - Dessert 

95 €

Degustation Menu

5 services per guest

2 Entrees - 2 Main - Dessert 

115 €

Caribbean Menu

7 services per guest

3 Entrees - 2 Main - 2 Dessert  

145 €


Évènements sur mesure

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- Cocktails
- Team building
- Show cooking
- Masterclass
- Dîner pour 2 
- Idées insolites
- Mariages

Tarifs sur demande

Thibault Barbafieri

As a personal Chef for 4 years in the Caribbean Islands, I compose around traditional products with spicy influences of travel and exchanges.


From 4 guests, the dinner is made according to the seasons and to your type of food, I also propose the food and wine pairing.


The prices include the service and the bread I make.

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quelques articles en Guadeloupe

Cooking Class

From 4 participants, let's choose together fish, fruits and veggies in the morning at the Saint-François market, and then in your kitchen, we make your chef's diner !

Aprons, knives, robots, I move with my equipment and goods purchases are included.

125 € / adult  -  70 € / child


Eat healthy & local.

Moz is an urban concept created in 2019 by Margaux la Touche, a lover of taste and Guadeloupe, in collaboration with chef Thibault Barbafieri, representative of Guadeloupe at Top chef 2018.

A gourmet and "healthy" cuisine, for a take-out or eat-in service in an eclectic, warm and neo-industrial place.